2] Charles' U of T view!
Picture of Robarts library from AC

Sight of yonge and bloor, Toronto's new downtown.

Entrance of Robarts library.
I could see Korean and Chinese smoking very often. What a shame..

Usually I used Robarts library to print lecture notes and my essays.
Price here was 15 cents per page.
It's extremely expensive, but still relatively cheaper than buying a new printer if you're not gonna stay more than a year.
Rather, I recommend buying a used one.

An ATM of TD bank is on the second floor of Robarts library.
This convenience was one of the biggest reasons that I chose TD bank.

Every student new to UofT(including exchange students) has to come here first to get T-card, a kind of student card.
They take a picture of you with a webcam, so you should be as neat as possible before you go there, or you will have an awesome student card :)
Crossroad in front of Robarts library. I think I saw this scene over a hundred times.

Way to go to Fung, UC's cafeteria.
You can see wooden tablets which have an inscription saying "Thank you" in languages all over the world, on the left wall.

Dining hall of Fung.
It looks like the one in Hogwarts.
Here, we made a group, "Fung boys".

Door to go to my room via basement.
When it's rainy, you can get to your room without being wet.

I remember Michael failed to throw his trash into that bin sometimes :P.

When you open the door of Fung, you can see this.

Way to go to UC building from my residence.
When it's cloudy or rainy, UC building looks like a castle of evil.

Back campus of UC.
Still, I can remember that I shouted and danced here during frosh week.
It was unforgettable memories.

"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes!
Saying AYO!
Gotta let go!
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying AYO!
Baby, let's go!"

A classroom where I took ECO325(Advanced Macro Economics).
Professor of this course was really nice.
He always made jokes.

Classroom where I took ECO358(Financial Economics I) and ECO314(Energy & Resources),

and I always slept here :)

Stairways down to classroom of ECO433(City & Region)

UC building has lockers on basement.

Room for ECO433. Total number of this class was just six.
I couldn't sleep at all and this class was conducted for two hours without any break.
Whenever my prof said "isn't it amazing?" at the end of his saying, I thought "Yes, your ceaseless speaking itself is amazing." in my mind..

This window was signal of being released from the jail.
I like the prof, though, bcuz he gave me A, lol!

Way to go to ECO375 & ECO376(Applied Econometrics).
UofT is pretty big(as big as my home university).
It took around 7 mins by walk to get to the classroom from my residence, but beautiful buildings of this university made this way enjoyable rather than tedious.

Stairways down to the classroom.
It is wooden and makes a weird sound whenever I stepped on, so I had to step very slowly not to make the sound when I was late for the class.

Here, I slept usually.

An escaping route from the class!

Queen's park. I tried to jog a round this park, but failed.. T_T..
It was either too cold or rainy.
I remember that Kelvin and I talked here about the result of his essay taking a walk to Queen's park.
I'm soooo sorry about that Kelvin...

Heart house!
Everything you can imagine for students' life is here!
Gym, swimming pool, theater, dancing club, and etc...
Here, I started working out and realized that hot guys deserve to be admired.

Finally, back to res!.. Hutton's door. 
Even though my room belongs to Wallace, I used this door more than Wallace's.
Many students used this door for the same reason, so here is much dirtier than other houses'.
Sorry guys..... We didn't mean it.

When I woke up and felt hungry, I went downstairs and
knocked John's door first and he said "yo! 5 minutes".

Next, Kelvin's door. He knew I was coming and slightly opened his door, but I knocked and passed his door.
Cuz I had to wake up Michael as early as possible.
By this time, Kelvin went out from his room, and said "He↗llo↘".
I banged Mike's door... then I could hear a very faint sound.. "Fuuuuuuuuck!".
And he asked me, "what time is it??"
"nine thirty", I said.
"Sooo↗rry↘, Do u wanna sleep more?"
"Asshole, i'm gonna change, give me 5 min"
Then, I went to Kelvin's room, jumped to his bed(he is at his desk, no homo), and slept again.
Michael came 10 min later, and John came later.
They woke me up, and we went to Fung to have breakfast or lunch sometimes :).

Still, I can't realize that I can't do these things anymore which were so routine for me...

I miss you guys!

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1] Charles' U of T view!
* 영어로 쓴 이유는 캐나다 친구들도 불러다 보여주기 위해서입니다.
* 페북은 기록으로 남긴다는 느낌이 들지 않아서.

Hutton's second floor hallway
Hutton is one of the houses in Sir Daniel Wilson's Residence.

In front of LM

You can find CN tower from any place in Toronto

MP building. Even though this building is for lab courses, I had some econ classes at this building.

Stairways to go to the classroom

Finally the classroom where I took ECO364(International Trade) and ECO369(Health Economics)

Usually, I sat here and slept lol.

A building in front of MP building. This building reminds me of a moment when I feel like being released from the class.

Pictures of a way to go to AC(Athletic Center)
Whenever we came here, we were sleepy and reluctant..(especially Michael lol)

Hallway of AC. This building has a swimming pool, an indoor field, and a room for weight lifting.

You swipe your T-card(student card of UofT) to get into AC.
Kelvin and John used to fail to swipe their card and get stuck. :)

Room for weight lifting. I hadn't been there since exam period of first semester started.

Stairways to go to field house.
Michael always encouraged me to climb 4 steps at once.

Rowing machines. A competition was being held when I took this picture.

You can use treadmills as well.
I used this when I was really tired to run on tracks.
I checked my pace with that digital clock.
The length of this track is 200 meters.
You can play tennis, baseball and hockey in field house.

Stairways down to locker room.
Locker rooms of AC are located in basement.

Outside of locker rooms. I couldn't take pictures of inside :)
You can use free daily locker, if you bring your lock.
Thank you Kelvin for bringing your lock every time!
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give someone the benefit of the doubt
To those of you who havn't gotten back to me or don't want to get involved im sorry for all the mass emails. Theres just too many of you that have actually replied for me to reply individually. After several discussions with many of you (and trust me theres been a lot; the list is at about 35 now), it seems as though the best course of action at the moment is to email the professor directly to let him know your disappointement in the exam. I urge you to do so. It is important that we take the necessary steps and not go straight to the admin or chair. IF, however, he does not do something fair about it, we can then go to the chair or admin of the department. That seems the most reasonable thing to do and we should probably give Professor ------ the benefit of the doubt.
PLEASE EMAIL HIM. Thanks! Keep in touch and goodluck on the rest of your exams.

꽤 좋은 표현을 들었다..

~~~~를 일단 믿어보기로 하자. 요런 느낌의 말을 할 때 쓰면 좋은 표현일 것 같다...

메일 내용은 출제범위에서 비중조절을 한 쪽에 너무 치중해서 냈다고 빡친 학생이 단체행동하자고 수강생들한테 전체메일 돌린 내용임
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